5 Black Friday Emails to Catch Early Bird Shoppers

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Black Friday is no longer a one-day event.

The shopping holiday initially took place in the US the day after Thanksgiving. It’s closely followed by Cyber Monday, which is when the sales would be focused online.

However, things have changed. Black Friday is now a phenomenon. It has gained worldwide popularity in the last few years, with 95% of the UK knowing what Black Friday is. And it’s not really just a day anymore, either. Each year, loads of retailers are offering Black Friday deals earlier and earlier. What was once a one-day event, now takes up the better part of November.

Black Friday sales have shifted online

Black Friday used to be infamous for crazy crowds and queues, but it’s now much less frenzied. Despite the decline in Black Friday crowds, though, the shopping event is still a pretty huge deal, with more and more money being spent each year.

More people are now choosing to shop online rather than taking a trip to the high street, and businesses are catering to their consumers’ changing preferences. For a few years now, Amazon have chosen to host a week-long Black Friday event, offering different deals each day. They’re now one of the top retailers for Black Friday.

You’ve more than likely already seen a few Black Friday emails in your own inbox by now, but what’s the benefit of sending your Black Friday emails in advance?

Why you should be sending your Black Friday emails before Black Friday

Consumers’ shopping habits are continuously evolving, and it’s important that you manage to keep up.

If you want to compete with other businesses, start your sale early! Although it’s called 'Black Friday', there’s no actual rule to say that you can’t start your deals a few days before.

It’s a great way to stand out in the inbox and make sure that your emails get opened. Add your own spin to it. Getting your existing and potential customers excited about your sale is essential, and sending Black Friday emails is the perfect way to do this.

5 examples of early Black Friday emails

There are some great ways to create a sense of urgency with your Black Friday emails. 

Here are some great examples of the best way to do it:

1. The ‘Black Friday came early’ email

No one can tell you when you should start your own Black Friday sales, right?

Let your readers know that your sale has come early, like this email campaign from Old Harry.

Sending your Black Friday email campaigns in advance is a surefire way to increase your open rates because you lessen the chances of your email getting lost in the inbox. Consider giving members of your email list an exclusive discount code.

2. The ‘Prepare your wishlist’ email

Before your sales have even started, sending an email to prompt your customers to prepare their wishlists is a great way to drive them to your website.

Like this campaign from Zalando, it lets readers know that they’ll be participating in Black Friday.

Give your subscribers a heads up to keep a lookout for you in their inboxes closer to the time, as well as encouraging them to browse your website and look at things they might like to buy. All of this will ultimately end in more conversions for you. Hurrah!

3. The daily deals emails

Why host sales for just one or two days when you can hold them for a whole week?!  

Loads of businesses are now choosing to have a ‘Black Friday event’, rather than just a day. A great way to ensure customers keep engaging with your emails is to give them different deals on different days. Give them a reason to come back!

This campaign from Pet Planet offers a discount on a particular set of products, and they let their readers know that there are more offers on the way in the following days.

4. The alternative Black Friday email

You might not want to jump on the Black Friday bandwagon. A few different brands have chosen to put their own twist on it.

Take Selfridges as an example. Selfridges have claimed in the past that they don’t participate in Black Friday, but don’t be fooled.

Their email campaign to promote their ‘Christmas Comes Early’ event arrived a couple of days before Black Friday, and their discounts take place over the Black Friday weekend. If you’re not a fan of the shopping event, just make your own!

5. The exclusive access email

Make your subscriber feel like a VIP.  Everyone likes to be made to feel special, right?

Black Friday is the perfect time to show your subscribers that being part of your email list has value. Offering exclusive offers and early access to your sales is a great treat. It’s an easy way to avoid unsubscribes, too.

Take a look at this Black Friday email campaign from Ray-Ban.  By targeting their loyal subscribers, they will be able to spread their sale out over a longer period of time.  It’s a good way to avoid website crashes caused by loads of internet traffic at the same time, too!

The rise of Black November

Black Friday is still a few days away, and yet shoppers could get all of their Black Friday shopping done now if they wanted to.

Black Friday isn’t going anywhere yet, it’s just lasting for a lot longer. Early Black Friday emails are a great way to stand out from your competitors during the busiest shopping period of the year.

It’s now not so much a question of which companies will offer the biggest savings, it’s which ones will offer their savings first. Cyber Monday transformed Black Friday into more of a shopping weekend, and now the rise of online shopping and digital marketing has transformed Black Friday from a weekend into a week-long shopping event.

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