5 Tips to Make Your Halloween Email Campaigns Frighteningly Good

|by demi@wiredplus.com

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re wondering whether you should be sending Halloween email campaigns, then the answer is yes!

Halloween is becoming increasingly important to marketers every year. It’s a massive retail opportunity, and it’s no longer an occasion just for kids.

According to Marketing Week, over the last few years, the estimated UK retail value for Halloween has grown by around 40%, and it’s predicted to keep growing.

Creating Halloween email campaigns that give your subscribers goosebumps takes some work. Fortunately, drag-and-drop email design platforms – like Wired Plus – make it a lot easier.

Once you’ve thought of a catchy subject line for your campaign, you’re ready to start having a bit of fun with your email marketing.

To help you out, here are 5 spooktacular tips to make your Halloween emails stand out from the rest.

1. Haunt your readers with GIFs

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so a moving picture must be worth even more. GIFs are amazing eye-catchers, especially for Halloween.

We particularly like this Halloween email campaign from Homesense because the GIFs are the first thing you see when you open the email, and they actually have animated pictures of their own products, which really brings them to life.

2. Creep it real with the colour scheme

Using a coloured theme for your email is really important to make an effective campaign.

Nothing says Halloween like the colour combination of orange and black does, as you can see in this simplistic Halloween email campaign from Not on the High Street. Choosing to colour coordinate the text and the images while keeping the background light means that the theme doesn’t take over their key marketing message, so it stays relevant to the brand.

3. Keep your Halloween email campaigns scarily simple

Some of the most effective email campaigns are the simplest ones.

In this Alton Towers email, it contains just enough content to make readers intrigued and want to click to find out more. It’s impactful because you can read it and understand the purpose of the email within the first few seconds of opening it.

4. Use some BOO-tiful Halloween imagery

The visual content can really make or break your Halloween email campaign, and October is a time when you can get super creative with it.

Depending on the feel and the tone of voice of your brand, there are lots of different ways to do this. Although the Halloween theme of this Forest Holidays email campaign isn’t overpowering, the images are very appropriate for the company, while still maintaining a seasonal theme.

5. Include a treat, not a trick

Including a seasonal discount in your Halloween email campaign can really increase your engagement, as this gives your readers an incentive to not only open the email, but to buy from you as well.

In this campaign, MoMA offer their subscribers a 20% discount off one of their porridges, as well as a Halloween-themed recipe they can make with the porridge.  It’s a great example of how you can use the holiday to give your readers an extra push to buy your product.

So, there you have it, 5 simple and effective ideas for your Halloween email campaigns. Don’t be afraid to try some out.

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