How to Integrate Email Marketing with Your Social Media Strategy 

|by Emily Yarwood

In this article, we’re talking about two of the most compelling marketing tactics at your disposal – social media and email marketing. By combining these channels, you can make a real difference to the growth of your audience and business.  

When used individually, each has its own strengths, but when used together you can grow your email list and increase the reach of your email campaigns. By exploring this pairing, we’ll show you how you can take your email marketing to the next level with the support of social media.  

In this blog, we will discuss: 

  • Email marketing versus social media  
  • How to integrate social media and email marketing 

Email marketing vs social media 

Most successful brands can integrate branches of their marketing strategy with the goal of delivering an exceptional customer experience in mind.  

While social media and email marketing excel in different areas, they can complement and build on the other’s impact to provide a strong and holistic customer experience. Although they may seem an unlikely pairing, these two channels have the power to attract a wider audience and create powerful campaign results: 


  • Email marketing is best for delivering personalised messages to a targeted audience, providing your email list is well segmented. These messages can correspond to stages in the buyer’s journey, consumer behaviour, or a particular segment of your subscribers. 
  • Social media, is a wonderful way to build brand awareness and engage with customers in a personable way as most people spend a large majority of time on their phones scrolling through social channels.  


By using these channels together, you can build relationships while promoting your products and services.  


How to integrate email marketing and social media 

When brands can successfully integrate their different marketing channels, you can elevate the customer experience through a connected approach; something that customers expect today. The benefits of multichannel marketing are clear, creating more opportunities to: 

  • Build upon your brand awareness  
  • Stay in touch with customers in a personable way 
  • Reach and inspire new customers 

If you want to leverage the combined power of these marketing channels, here are several ways to successfully integrate them.  

1) Add social media icons to your emails 

Your subscribers may not even know your social channels exist, so let them know! Ask them to follow you to stay in touch. This could be done by embedding a call-to-action button in a prominent position within your email. The benefits of this mean you can stay in contact with past subscribers  who are interested in your social media presence, while also attracting new business.  

2) Invite your subscribers to share your content  

It could be beneficial to place social media sharing buttons within your emails, inviting subscribers to share your content. For example, you can place a ‘Retweet this’ tag to cross- promote your content on Twitter and email.  

3) Retarget your email subscribers through social media ads.  

One of the smartest and most efficient ways to take advantage of a multi-channel marketing strategy is to match the intent and interest of your subscribers with targeted ads.  

Information you have about your subscribers can be used to retarget them through social media ads. This means you’re able to reach out to qualified prospects, making your strategy much more cost-effective.  

4) Host social media giveaways  

We all love a freebie, and your subscribers are no different. Organising giveaways and competitions is the perfect way to turn social media followers into email subscribers.  

While running contests you can ask for the participants’ names and email addresses as well as their consent to receive promotional emails. When collecting first- party data, always follow GDPR guidelines.  

5) Adopt a strategy that uses both channels 

While social media and email marketing channels are different in terms of how they function, the aims of each can be similar. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, it’s worth exploring how social media and email marketing could grow your brand awareness and conversions.   

Ensure your strategies are aligned. An audience- first approach can help, allowing you to use what you know about your audience to inform your strategy. It is also important to define your campaign objectives to make it easier to measure success and inform future strategies.  

6) Reuse content across channels 

There is no need to reinvent the wheel over and over, and one thing that social media and email marketing have in common is their reliance on content. If you treat either channel in isolation, you will have to create exclusive content for each, making it costly and time- consuming.  

Instead, why not reuse your existing content from one channel and post it on another? For example, you can publish an infographic you’ve made for a social media post in your weekly newsletter.  

7) Create a sense of community 

Social is the perfect channel for creating a community and provides the opportunity to create an exclusive experience for your email subscribers. Consider how you could create an invitation only, VIP community that rewards loyal subscribers and encourages further engagement with privileges like valuable insights, exclusive offers and amazing deals are then invited to via email. You could even introduce custom hashtags to this VIP community. 


Wired Plus and your business 

Your email marketing efforts should support your social media activity to maximise interaction with your audience. This could lead to growing your subscriber list, attracting a bigger audience as well as increasing the overall exposure of your content and therefore your brand.  

To see how you take your digital marketing to the next level with Wired Plus and for help integrating your social media and email marketing strategies, along with lots of other resources and capabilities – don't hesitate to get in touch!  


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