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Designed and built from the ground up, Conesso is your trusted email marketing partner. Our robust automation platform gives you all the email marketing tools you need to grow your connections with stakeholders, internal teams and the wider community.

Trusted by government and public sector organisations

A G-Cloud 13-approved automation platform, Conesso is a secure, intuitive and user-friendly email tool. Complete with a drag-and-drop email builder, advanced data analysis and segmentation tools, you can fine-tune your communication strategies to deliver tailored content that drives engagement.

Why Conesso?

With Conesso, you're not just sending emails; you're forging meaningful connections that drive results. Discover why Conesso is the trusted choice for government and public sector organisations...

Be compliant

Conesso is a fully GDPR-compliant engagement platform, adhering to the highest security standards. We proudly hold Cyber Essentials Plus certification and G-Cloud 13 approval for government email marketing, ensuring that your data is in safe hands.

Personalised support & training

We are more than just a platform; we are your trusted email partner. Conesso provides comprehensive training materials, user guides and ongoing technical support. Your journey towards effective public-sector email marketing is supported every step of the way.

A user-friendly interface

Conesso is designed with simplicity in mind. Features like a drag-and-drop email editor and a variety of pre-built templates enable you to create professional and engaging emails in minutes.

Seamless integrations

The security of your data is our top priority. Conesso seamlessly integrates with public sector systems and other services, ensuring that sensitive data is managed in strict accordance with legal requirements.

Send tailored messages

With Conesso, you can remove the guesswork and be driven by the data. With many segmentation options, you can create groups based on email engagement, behaviour and more. Leveraging these insights, public sector organisations can refine their communication strategies and tailor content to maximise engagement.

Proven track record

Join our growing community of public sector clients who trust Conesso's experience and expertise. Our proven track record speaks volumes, and we are committed to delivering results for government and public sector organisations.

Public sector use cases

With over 15 years of experience serving diverse government and public sector organisations, Conesso is the email marketing partner you can rely on. Discover how our tailored solutions empower the public sector to foster transparency, engagement and informed decision-making.

Local authorities

Conesso serves as a vital tool for local authorities, enabling you to update your contacts on local initiatives, council meetings and community events. Drive community engagement, raise awareness of local services and promote societal campaigns. Conesso allows you to collect valuable feedback from residents, to ensure informed decision-making that aligns with community needs.

Public health

With Conesso, you can share critical health updates, champion new health initiatives and monitor public health trends. Increase awareness of public health initiatives, share healthcare best practices and promote health improvement campaigns. Encourage signups for health-related events and campaigns, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for both organisations and attendees.

Emergency services

During emergencies, use Conesso to deliver real-time updates, distribute training materials and updates, and manage signups and communications for public awareness campaigns. Tailor messages based on contact preferences and demographics, providing targeted and relevant information to local and national audiences.

Central government

Update contacts on policy changes, consultations, and government initiatives. Offer national, regional, or targeted communications to engage citizens effectively. Gather data and feedback, promoting transparency and fostering strong relationships between government bodies and citizens.

Housing associations

Communicate updates on housing policies, resident meetings and community events. Maintain regular contact with residents to ensure effective communication and promote awareness of ongoing initiatives. Use surveys to gather feedback from residents, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that reflect the needs of communities.


Communicate updates to students, parents and staff regarding school events, policy changes and educational initiatives. Drive engagement within target audiences to improve awareness and educational outcomes. With Conesso, you can streamline signups for school events and collect valuable feedback within the school community.

Conesso is more than just an email marketing platform...

It’s a comprehensive communication solution for the public sector.

Contact us today to learn more about how Conesso can transform your organisation’s communication efforts.

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