Reporting and Analytics

An area we often see marketers battling is data and analytics. With the rise of AI, platforms are only becoming more complex. But we designed Conesso to make your life easier, not harder.

With an end-to-end view of your campaigns, pages, and surveys, quickly see what’s working and what’s not. Remove the guesswork with real-time, intelligent reporting and analytics to translate your data into actionable insights that deliver results.

Intelligent Reporting

See what’s happening as it happens. Review every aspect of your emails from opens to clicks, delivery to engagement, and bounce rate too. Understand your campaign performance in real time with interactive graphs and a visual dashboard that makes analysis and action easy.

Input your business KPIs, monitor progress and view key stats. With revenue tracking, campaign engagement, database growth and lead generation all in one place, you can quickly understand campaign performance to improve future targeting.

Make The Most Of Your Data

Understand what makes your contacts tick so you can focus on making the decisions. Conesso’s powerful and flexible API allows you to access raw data to make better choices.

Do you want to take part in intensive data science to support your decision-making? Or maybe you need a custom dashboard in a platform like Microsoft PowerBI or Tableau to take your analysis to the next level. Conesso’s reporting API gives you this ability.

Send performance

Campaign engagement

Industry comparisons

Best performing subject lines

Best days to send emails

Data source

Audience Analytics

See the source of your subscribers and changes in your subscriber base so you can keep growing your organic mailing list. From contacts to segments, lists to sign-up forms, Audience Analytics empowers you to really get to know your customers.

Test & Track

See who your most engaged contacts are, tracking each and every digital touchpoint, from email clicks to survey submissions. Find out what truly engages your customer segments to optimise your future campaigns.

Split Testing

Test, analyse and tweak your campaigns with split testing functionality. Drive great results, increase engagement, and learn what works best for your contacts using multivariant testing tools.

Tagging Filter

Conesso’s tagging filter feature allows you to break down insights from specific emails even further to get to the nitty-gritty of how your emails are performing. Use this insight to measure the impact and make improvements for future campaigns.


Using heat mapping, you can easily see the best time and day to send emails for higher open rates. Reach your customers at a time they’re most likely to engage with your content.

Hotspot Reports

Make the most of your insights with Hotspot Reports for mobile and desktop views as well as interactions per device. Use the data to understand user experience, and improve accessibility and call-to-actions, no matter the device your customers are using.

Make smarter, data-driven marketing decisions with Conesso. Get started for free.

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