Why You Should use a Custom Domain for your Email Marketing

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You want people to engage with your email campaigns, right?

Your email address is a valuable tool for marketing your business. You need to make it work for you.

A custom domain for your email address might seem like a small detail in the bigger marketing picture, but it’s actually really important.

Subscribers will expect your business to use a custom domain. It’s what they’ll see in your email campaigns, subscription verification links and subscribe forms.

According to a survey by Google, 60% of small businesses saw an increase in customer engagement after switching to a custom domain, and 42% said they saw an increase in sales.

Avoid looking amateurish. An email address like yourname@yourcompany.com makes an important statement about your business. It gives you instant credibility and shows your customers that you’re professional.

When you have an email address that isn’t associated with your business, it can look unprofessional and people are less likely to engage with your emails.

More and more businesses are investing in their email marketing, so standing out from the crowd can be tricky. A custom domain can improve your email deliverability rates, boost your open rates, and ultimately increase your ROI.

The benefits of using a custom domain for your emails

Still not convinced? Check out the benefits of having a custom domain for your email marketing:

1. It increases brand awareness

Having a custom domain is an easy way to promote your company and build thought leadership. Your subscribers will see your business name every time an email is sent. The more they see your brand name, the more memorable you’ll be.

By using a custom domain in your email marketing, you can ensure your brand identity is consistent and immediately recognisable.

2. Your customers will trust you more

People buy from businesses that they know, like and trust.

Consistent marketing and branding will help to build that trust. Your subscribers will expect to see your custom domain in their emails.

Making sure your ‘from’ address is fully branded to make it obvious who you are will increase your email open rates. If your emails are from a recognisable sender then they’re less likely to end up in the junk folder.

3. It makes it easier for people to contact you

When you have a custom domain email address, it’s easier for people to get in touch with you via email. If your customers ever need to contact you, a personalised email address will be easier for them to remember than a generic one.

4. You can show your email address everywhere

You can showcase your email address on all of your marketing channels, including business cards, your email signature, social media and your website. This will add to your business’ memorability as it will make your name stick with your customers and your prospects.

Having your custom domain displayed across your different marketing materials will continuously provide you with opportunities to attract new business.

Is a custom domain really that important?

In a short answer, yes! No matter what kind of website you have, a custom email address can help you to achieve your marketing goals.

Take control of your brand’s reputation. If you use an email marketing platform, there should be an option to purchase a custom domain so you can boost your marketing results.

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