We’re on the move to bigger and better things – care to join us?

|by Laura Jones

2024 is a big year for us. Maybe our biggest, and best, yet.  

Since day dot, we’ve been game changers, move makers and definitely not afraid to switch things up. Email marketing has been around for donkey’s years now and remains one of the most powerful marketing tactics in the game. And while the importance of email has never wavered, how we use it has. As we’ve evolved with the changing tides we’ve learned so much, changed even more, and grown exponentially. And now, we’re embarking on our most exciting change so far.  

So, if you’re sitting comfortably let’s begin… 

Who even are Conesso? 

Created on the back of one man’s vision, we first arrived on the email marketing scene in 2017 as Wired Plus. Leading the charge, our then MD Andrew Hardman wanted to build a SaaS platform that would help marketers take their email efforts to the next level.  

Delivering exciting results for our clients, Wired Plus quickly caught the eye of digital agency group idhl, who were looking to expand their portfolio – adding fresh technology to strengthen their position in the market. And so, in August 2019, our team joined forces with the digital group and our most exciting development to date began.  

After 12 months of finding our feet, we welcomed Lewis Sellers as our next MD. Already heading up Pinpoint, a web agency within the group, Lewis was ready to help us propel our offering and align our platform with the changing digital landscape.  

Don’t mind us, we just had a bit of a glow up  

Remember our whole spiel about being move makers and game changers? It’s not just some fun marketing speak, we really aren’t afraid to switch things up and in 2022, that’s exactly what we did. After five years on the market, we were ready for a refresh.  

A glow up, if you will.  

Wanting to align our outward identity more with who we are and what we deliver, we retired our Wired Plus name and rose from the ashes anew.  

Conesso has entered the chat 

Inspired by the Italian word for connection, we embarked on our next chapter as ‘Conesso’. Understanding the power of communication and how we could help clients build better relationships with their audience, switching things up sent a message to the market – think communication, think Conesso.  

Alongside our new colour palette, fancy name and refreshed platform, we added a new bank of services to our offering. As well as our renewed proprietary platform, we wanted to help brands struggling with their email provider, no matter the name on the tin. Dipping into our team’s outstanding capabilities with all things email, we set out to support clients to harness their existing platform – whether it be Klaviyo or Bloomreach, we’ve got it covered.  

We saved the best until last... 

We said this year was going to be a good’un and we meant it. Seven years since we first set out to change the email marketing game and we’re ready for our biggest development yet. idhl Group has announced its ambitious plans for 2024 and, it just so happens, we’re pretty thrilled about it.  

Wanting to cement itself as the biggest and the best in the space, idhl is bringing together its nine agencies under one name. Offering clients a completely integrated approach to their digital marketing, idhl will become a powerhouse, delivering accelerated growth to brands like never before. 

Sounds pretty epic, right? We'd love for you to join us. 

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