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King of the tools and loved by DIY enthusiasts across the world, Ryobi needed an email platform that would service both their UK and European marketing needs. A challenge Conesso had no issues resolving. 

They needed a platform that would not only allow the EMEA teams to create targeted email campaigns, but would also work with their UK team in sharing transactional and eCommerce communications. Conesso met this need whilst also coming up with a solution that allowed Ryobi to hold vital product and sales information to guarantee order information was sent correctly each time.

Ryobi’s Kentico hosted site is maintained by our connected agency, NetConstruct, who we collaborated with to ensure a harmonious connection between Ryobi’s emails and website. Alongside key email campaigns, we implemented transactional emails, eCommerce sales and voucher messages to their UK audience.  

After their seamless transition to Conesso, we now provide full campaign management giving Ryobi a detailed overview of their email performance, including: database growth and attrition and sources. As we develop their account and integrate with Google Analytics, Ryobi will be able to view their cost per email, sales per email, length of subscriber and value of email address, unlocking a whole new level of data. 


  • Supported UK eCommerce launch with their transactional email marketing increasing on average 197% YoY (2021 vs 2022)
  • Supported scaling their email marketing operation with a 95% increase in email marketing activity YoY (2021 vs 2022)
  • Monthly campaign reports based on EMEA results
  • UK eCommerce reports for ROI, subscriber numbers, attrition and engagement
  • Valuable insight into their databases across Europe and growth opportunities

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