140 years in the game, Silver Cross have honed their craft and create contemporary, high-end childcare products. They needed an email platform that could support their mass marketing but also had the capability to integrate their product and sales emails. 

Wanting to send personalised and targeted emails to customers, a smart and sophisticated solution was needed. Having used our platform in previous employment, the Silver Cross’ team sought our help. 

Collaborating with a third-party development team, we seamlessly integrated Conesso with Silver Cross’ site. By accessing website data, they’re now able to harness onsite data to effectively target site visitors with trigger transactional emails (such as abandoned cart) to create an enhanced online experience for their shoppers whilst improving ROI for Silver Cross. 

Utilising the platforms capabilities, product and order information is easily inserted into email campaigns, allowing the Silver Cross team to quicky create personalised emails without HTML or advanced development knowledge. 


  • Targeting shoppers through onsite data has worked to increase ROI
  • Product and order information is easily inserted into email campaigns allowing the team to make personal emails quickly
  • Reduced need to use HTML or have advanced development knowledge when creating emails

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