Introducing your new KPI Dashboard!


As marketers we’re all working towards goals and targets, it’s what drives us each month.

We don’t need to tell you how important it is to track the success of your marketing efforts and eliminate guesswork. Without a clear, simple, and accessible way to monitor what’s working and what’s not, how do we know if we’re on the right track? And how can we keep refining our strategies, to continually boost our performance?

Well, we have built something to help you do just that, and it’s coming to your account soon.

Launching in the next couple of weeks, the new dashboard will enable to plot your KPIs vs. your actual results, so you can keep on top of your progress in real-time. 

Here at Wired Plus, we want to continually support our clients to grow their database, engage their audience, and ultimately drive their ROI. It all comes back to our mission: to help marketers make better marketing decisions.

We’ll be building on the dashboard over the next few months, so if there’s a specific KPI you think is missing, just let us know in our feedback survey here.

If you want to start working with the new dashboard ASAP, let us know by calling us or using the in-app live chat. We’ll make sure it’s enabled on your account as soon as it’s available.

Now, onto the details…  

How does it work?  

First of all, you’ll need to set your KPIs.

When you log into your Wired Plus account once the dashboard is live, you’ll be greeted with a short questionnaire that allows you to set your goals and targets. 

You’ll be asked a few questions about your specific targets. You can change your answers at any time by using the settings cog in the top right.

You’ll also be able to define which industry your company belongs to. This is so you can see how your results compare to others in the same industry. What kind of open rates should you expect? How many bounces are too many? What’s an acceptable unsubscribe rate? The more context, the better. 

Once you have submitted the questionnaire, you’ll see the dashboard populate with your results.

You can change the time period of the targets and results which are shown. To do this, simply edit the date selector in the top right. 

What can I track?  

At a minimum, the dashboard will help you track:  

Your send performance

This will show you how many of your emails in the time period were delivered, bounced, and dropped, as well as how many complaints you received.

Your campaign engagement

This will look at your delivery, open, and click-through rates for all of the emails that have been sent in the time period.

If you have the Automation feature included in your license, you’ll be able to switch the view between your standard campaigns and your trigger campaigns.

Your best-performing subject lines

See which of your subject lines performed the best in the time period, based on the open rates they received.

The best day to send an email

This is based on when your campaigns have previously received the highest open rates.

The most popular data sources  

This shows you where your data has been originated from.

And more...

We will be updating the dashboard in the next few months so you’ll be able to track even more, including:

  • Revenue 
  • Returning customer rate  
  • Average order value  

What else should we track? Let us know!  

But wait, I liked the old dashboard!

Don’t worry! It isn’t going anywhere.

If you would prefer to use the old dashboard or would simply like to switch between the two different views, you can find the previous dashboard under the ‘Marketing’ tab on the top left of the page. 

I have some thoughts about the new dashboard… How can I give my feedback? 

Once you’ve played around with the new dashboard, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Is it helpful? Is there something you’d change? Is it missing a certain KPI you’d like to track?

Whatever thoughts or opinions you have, you can let us know in this short feedback survey.

Any and all opinions are more than welcome! Your feedback will ultimately be used to shape the future of the platform.  

From all of us here at Wired Plus, we thank you for your ongoing support and as always please don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help with support, design, or strategy.  

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